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Support for corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Corporate succession planning

Strategic partnerships and business development

Corporate finance

Industry segment

We work for medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and adjust our solutions and our team to the customer’s needs. We offer our services for customers from various areas and focus on the following business sectors:

Renewable Energy

Medical Technology

Automation Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Our strenghts

Our team is comprised of more than 20 business professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the following areas:

Long-term personal engagement and leadership in various business segments


Company foundation

Exploration of and access to new markets

Corporate Leadership & Management


Creating networks in politics and industry

Finance & Corporate Growth


Our team of expererienced entrepneurs, managers and executives is supplemented by a large network of international experts.

Bild Thiemo Gropp

Thiemo Gropp

General manager

Physicist with PhD in biochemistry. Founder, managing director and advisory board member of various technology and consulting companies. Extensive experience in M&A and strategic collaboration.

Bild Carolin Hercegfi

Carolin Hercegfi

Graduate in business administration and tax consultant. Many years of experience in auditing and as advisor in setting up and professionalizing finance departments in start-up companies as well as German subsidiaries of US companies. Establishment of reporting and planning structures in foundations as well as execution of financial due diligences.

Bild Jörg Dürr-Pucher

Jörg Dürr-Pucher

Lawyer. Managing director, environmentalist and entrepreneur. Experience in project development and consulting, focus on renewable energies and plant engineering.

Bild Wolfgang Dörner

Wolfgang Dörner

PhD in chemistry, science manager, founder and managing director in the field of instrumental bioanalytics. Experienced in R&D management in the biotech industry, funding procurement and development of sustainability standards.

Bild Jürgen Duckert

Jürgen Duckert

Geophysicist, many years of experience in the fields of power engineering and renewable energies, planning of power plants and production facilities for components, computer simulations.

Bild René Bönsel

René Bönsel

Degree in Business Administration. Active in the renewable energy sector for almost 20 years, mainly wind energy onshore and offshore as well as photovoltaics. Extensive experience in commercial management and business administration in France and Germany. Concrete experience in project management, due diligence, restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

Bild Johannes Zickler

Johannes Zickler

Electrical engineer, master’s degree in business administration. Formerly long-standing managing director of a very successful medical technology company. Core competencies: Employee management, marketing, sales, customer relations, customer retention.

Bild Jonathan Walters

Jonathan Walters

Economist and political scientist. Many years of experience as Director of MENA at the World Bank with focus on financing large infrastructure projects, mainly in the renewable energy sector. Building policy and regulatory frameworks for large infrastructure investments, local integration and value addition, developing strategies for the implementation of policy reform processes, especially in the energy sector.

Bild Peter Hofmann

Peter Hofmann

Graduate in business administration. Marketing manager, interim manager, business developer. Since 2000 freelance business development manager in various industries and business areas with a focus on customer acquisition and conceptual acquisition. Extensive experience in the healthcare and media environment.

Bild Christian Mankel

Christian Mankel

Banker, financial economist, and entrepreneur. Many years of experience in corporate and project finance as well as private equity. Interim manager for medium-sized companies in the sectors of finance, business development, strategy and sales. Expert for digital transformation of the financial sector.

Bild Walter Mayer

Walter Mayer

Technician. Formerly Global Key Account Manager at a US electronics company with a focus on the automotive industry. Many years of experience in technical sales. Automotive expert.

Bild Stephan Peltzer

Stephan Peltzer

Entrepreneur and founder of various IT and Internet start-ups in the past 20 years. Most recently founder and managing partner of Yatego GmbH. Core competencies: Business development, human resources, interim management, M&A, software development, finance.

Bild Gregor Henn

Gregor Henn

Graduate in commercial information technology, Formerly partner of a large accounting firm. Experience in supporting start-ups, owner-managed medium-sized companies as well as international corporations, mapping and communication of entrepreneurial performance by means of figures. Entrepreneur, mentor and member of the management of young technology companies, among others with focus on renewable energies. Company and organizational development, financing.

Bild Nikolaus Benz

Nikolaus Benz

PhD in physics, most recently managing director in a solar energy company. Core competencies: Broad industry experience in renewable energies, site and production development as well as internaitonal operations , project business solar power plants, process organization, project management, lean transformation, innovation management, R&D, restructuring, M&A.

Bild Steffen Wieland

Steffen Wieland

PhD in engineering and technology management (MBA), founder of a high-tech company, most recently managing director of a family-owned automotive supplier. Core competencies: Extensive industry experience in fuel cell technology and power generators, experience in international R&D management as well as production set-up, process optimization, complexity and variant management strategy implementation, restructuring, turnaround and insolvency management.

Bild Winfried Teizer

Winfried Teizer

Ph.D. in physics. University Professor of Applied Physics, Materials Science and Biotechnology, Texas A&M University (USA) and Tohoku University (Japan). Many years of experience in emerging technologies. Extensive international network with focus on USA and Japan.

Bild Hans Ulrich Reitzel

Hans Ulrich Reitzel

Organizational psychologist, MBA, negotiation expert with international experience in Latin America, North Africa and the Baltic States. Consulting and support of strategic alliances of international corporations and medium-sized companies. Focus on team building for alliances and M&A and intercultural as well as inter-company conflict management. Many years of UN experience in project management, capacity building and mentoring; market entry of international brands.

Bild Marco Wagler

Marco Wagler

Wholesale and foreign trade merchant. Structural transformer and pioneer for structural change with many years of experience in successful planning and implementation of projects in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). Main focus on business strategy and development with a strong focus on sustainability in companies.

Bild Astrid Holzmann

Astrid Holzmann

Degree in business administration, business development consultant with many years of experience in the IT industry. Main topics: Strategic business development, product development, international trade and international partner networks. Mentoring and promotion of start-ups.

Bild Thomas Thaufelder

Thomas Thaufelder

PhD in chemical engineering. Management activities in plant construction of energy and process engineering plants, focus on renewable energies. Project development, project management, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC). Expansion management, international sales, structuring of international cooperations, technology development and market introduction.

Advisory Board

Bild Andrew Tomat

Andrew Tomat

Physicist, formerly Head of Corporate Development of a public US corporation, more than 30 years of experience in corporate development and M&A. Combines corporate finance, marketing and technology expertise in a variety of industries to cover all aspects of M&A strategy, due diligence and post deal integration. Experience ranges from entrepreneurial start-ups to large publicly traded companies. Supports AllBera in the US.

Bild Sid Braginsky

Sid Braginsky

Biologist. Entrepreneur and former CEO of Olympus USA. Expert for the American market, especially regarding M&A, large strategic partnerships, as well as private equity financing.

Bild Christoph Kronabel

Christoph Kronabel

Phd in theology and degree in mathematics. More than 20 years of experience in the field of founding and financing technology companies. Core competencies: Strategic and conceptual aspects of business development, financing and sale of companies, management and design of M&A processes, acquisition of subsidies and public partners.

Bild Christoph Antz

Christoph Antz

PhD in physics. More than 20 years of experience in biotechnology and medical technology. Expert in financing, especially by means of private equity and venture capital. Core competencies: Founding, building, financing and divestment of high-tech companies and R&D projects.

Bild Gerhard Borchers

Gerhard Borchers

Business mathematician. Entrepreneur in the field of renewable energies. In addition to project development of wind farms, structured financing for wind and solar farms are the focus of his work. Previously held management positions for various financial service groups for over 20 years: Board member of Postbank Finanzberatung AG, head of the Baden-Württemberg region for Credit Suisse Germany, Division Manager Foreign Business, Chairman of the Board of the Hungarian subsidiary, as well as Country Director Sales at Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall.

Tecnafin GmbH and Grandeon Technologies GmbH are two affiliated companies of AllBera GmbH. Focal areas are M&A consulting at Tecnafin and sales consulting at Grandeon.


Below you find a selection of companies that are or have been our customers:
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Smart Robotics
Scientific Devices
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